27 January 2012

Sharing the Love

Thanks to Jen for passing the Kreativ Blogger Award on to me this week :-)

Apparently I need to pass the award onto 6 bloggers, and tell you ten things about myself. Ten! I don't think I can think of ten interesting things to say. Well, here goes...

Never again
1. I am the youngest of two daughters, my mother is the youngest of two daughters... and my grandmother is the youngest of two daughters.

2. I didn't venture overseas until I was twenty, and it was a full-on 100 day backpacking adventure through UK/Europe with my best friend.

3. I prefer potatoes over meat.
Totally crystals

4. Once I had a long-standing argument discussion with a friend over whether the sparkles in the ocean were more like diamonds or crystals.

5. I have naturally curly hair - that is, hair with random waves all over the place and a permanent halo of frizz. I've worn it straight for the last five years and it's been a revelation. Such freedom in being able to run your hands through your hair without them getting stuck!

6. I have owned two female ginger cats (most gingers are toms). They are/were very special girls.

7. I like spotting and identifying transporty stuff - like planes and cruise ships, and I love reading maps.

8. My grandparents were all Scottish, so I grew up with bagpipes and tartan in my blood.
Yum yum

9. I cook a mean spaghetti carbonara (no, it shouldn't be swimming in cream).

10. I like being in high places - like on mountains, up towers and look-out points... anywhere with a view. Maybe being vertically challenged has something to do with it. I hate the feeling of falling though.

And now for your bonus semi-interesting fact...

11. I believe I just may be the only person in the world with my (first and last) name.

I've also sort of been remiss in not passing on the Liebster award I got ages ago, because at the time I didn't have enough blogging friends to pass it on to. Thanks again to Loree for giving it to me, and congrats again for recently landing an agent!

Now to share the love for the Kreativ Blogger award...

1. Anne Gallagher
2. Glynis Smy
3. Lynda R.Young
4. Sierra Gardner
5. Jen Daiker
6. Susan Bergen

You all rock :-)


  1. Hi! I found your blog from Jen's the other day. Having taken high school Italian, I couldn't resist the title. :) And I just have to say, as someone with chronically straight hair, smoothing out your natural curls is a crime. ;)

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for following me. I could rant for ages about the trials of crazy curly hair - but I'll spare you. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Congrats on the awards!!! I'm glad you found your award from August! :D

    Love your kitties!

  3. Hi Charlotte! As a frizzy-haired sister, I feel your pain! Straight-haired people don't understand! It's particularly interesting as I live in the tropics, and humidity makes my hair go mad. An hour after I brush it I look like I've been dragged backwards through a hedge. In the end I just stopped caring! :)

    1. Ah, a fellow sufferer! Yep, even when I have straight hair it still frizzes in the humidity (also regularly above 90% here during the summer). At least without the curls I can actually get a brush through it!

  4. Aww, that kitty reminds me of our cat, Crumble. People call him ginger though, technically, he's classed as a "hot creme". Which makes sense really, as our ginger cat is much more orange.
    Still ... that picture is so cute. ^_^