18 January 2012


Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I was in the bathroom at work, when suddenly a rather ordinary thought began to cascade into a string of increasingly interesting ideas, and suddenly I had a premise for a cosy mystery. Just out of the blue. I am focused on historical romance right now, have written contemporary in the past, and have never given mysteries a second thought - except that I read the blogs of some authors like


  1. I do this all the time. Once in the middle of a romance, I got hit, and then took the SNI and wrote the whole thing before I even finished the romance.

    Yeah, it's a writer's mind thing.

  2. I've forced myself to finish one manuscript at a time. My mind is always living new plots for future books. I think a writer's mind never stops plotting.

  3. I definitely suffer from SNII! I just make sure to write down all the stuff for my new idea, but force myself to work through my current WIP before tackling a new one =)

  4. It sounds like a common disease! Isn't it funny how excited you can get about a new idea? Thanks for weighing in guys.

  5. I have this chronic condition - in my case I think it's because I hit a roadblock in my WIP, and this is my brain's sneaky way of trying to get me to abandon it for something that looks so much shinier!

    And there's an award for you over at my blog!