03 July 2011

Out and About

I thought it was about time for another post, and I don't have anything writing- or even general life-related to wax lyrical about... so here are some photos of our day trip to Port Waikato yesterday. This is where is mighty Waikato River pours into the Tasman Sea. We took a stroll along Sunset Beach, which is comprised of rocky outcrops, dense black iron sands, and grassy banks of dunes.

It was a crisp winter's day, with a cool southerly wind whipping the tops off the waves.

We discovered this crater in the dunes about half way down the beach. From the top you can see the river winding around to the coast.

As you get closer to the mouth of the river, the beach is peppered with driftwood. What's unique about this particular driftwood is the shells hanging off it, clinging to strands of seaweed. The wind blowing through the shells made them clang together like a natural windchime.

Once we'd returned home and showered to remove layers of sand, the fresh air and exercise resulted in an accidental nap before dinner :-) Gotta love Saturdays.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! And thanks for clearing up the mystery about foxglove! :) xo