27 June 2011

Diving Back In

It's time to do the final round of edits on my WIP. I've taken a break to work on the synopsis (which I'm pleased to report is now under two pages), so now it's time to shape the third and final draft. My to-do list:

1. Tackle the issues raised by my critique partners
2. Focus on "showing"
3. Cut or replace over-used words that are still plaguing the MS
4. Continue to eliminate any unnecessary words, paragraphs and scenes
5. Final grammar, spell-check and polish.

I know this time around I must be ruthless. I hope I can be.

At some point I'll send off a few test queries to gauge interest in the project. I still don't have a final version of my query but I'm getting there. I'm excited and nervous to see what the response will be. It's getting to a point where, after these next edits, I need to accept that this project is as good as I can make it, and it's time to work on the next one. Will this turn out to be just another manuscript in the drawer? Time will tell.

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