17 April 2011

Things Happen in Threes

Isn’t it odd how you could go through your life not being aware of a particular name, place, or thing and suddenly, within a short space of time, you are bombarded by it?

An example happened to me a little while ago: Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I was vaguely aware that Burbank is a suburb of Los Angeles (or a town? Not sure). The name of the place hasn’t been in consciousness at all. Then I was watching an episode of Chuck, and the General said, “It’s been great working with you in Burbank.” The name stuck in my head for a few minutes.

The next day I was catching up with Lonely Planet’s feed in my RSS reader and found myself reading an article on what not to do in Los Angeles. It recommended flying into Burbank airport instead of LAX.

Then I was driving home on my usual route, and when I looked up at a random road sign. It said, “Burbank Avenue”. I kid you not.

This happens to me all the time, as I’m sure it does you. Perhaps your friend buys a new car, and even though you’ve never heard of it before, now that type of car is all you seem to see. Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a particular out of print book for ages, and then all of a sudden you see it in three different shops.

What things have come in threes for you?

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  1. It's always hard to know if these things happen because we are paying attention or we pay attention because they are happening =) Lately it seems like every time I look at the clock it says 12:34. So apparently I either only look at the clock twice a day or something very weird is going on =)