08 April 2011

Daily deal sites... How do I love thee

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Yesterday I had my hair cut at a salon, which might not sound that exciting, but I seriously can't remember the last time I visited a salon... it must be at least 10 years ago. I've always thought of it as an extravagance. I've visited hair dressers who work out of their homes a few times, but mostly I've just had either my mum or my husband trim the ends for me once in a while. I've never had a manicure or pedicure, and until recently I'd never been to a spa for a massage. Why throw that sort of money down the drain?

So what's changed? Daily discount sites have arrived! 1-dayout, Groupon, Grabone, Groupy, Spreets, Dailydo and now Treatme... I love them all. They offer anything from food to beauty to accommodation, all at least 50% off. I don't mind paying $30 for a 45 minute massage (and I have, thank you). And I didn't mind paying for the wash, conditioning treatment, style cut, blow wave, straightening and take home product I got last night for the princely sum of $37. I wouldn't like to pay that for a cut on a regular basis, but as a treat it was great. The only problem was there was a language barrier with the guy who actually cut my hair which was a little frustrating, so I don't know if I'd go back there. But he did a nice job with the cut. My husband is still adjusting - he's never seen me with 'styled' hair.

I'm actually reasonably selective about the deals I buy - if it's too far from home or work, or if I've already bought something similar I won't bother. But courtesy of these sites we've already enjoyed our wedding anniversary dinner, and ridiculously cheap pizza and gelato (3 different vouchers). I have vouchers that we'll use in the future for the Stardome planetarium (can't beat discount stars!) and an hour long Swedish massage. Without these sites we wouldn't be doing these things, and life would be just a little bit more tedious. Bargain-hunters of the world, rejoice!

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