31 January 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I am an aspiring author, and I (very) optimistically hope this blog will document my journey to publication. I’ve tried and failed before, but I have a good feeling about 2011. And if I don’t succeed, then that means that hardly anyone will find this blog, so my failure can remain in obscurity.

I told myself that I couldn’t start this blog until I finished the first draft of my current WIP... but I was a bit naughty and broke that rule by a few days, because I got caught up in different designs and I just couldn’t wait to put the template together, because I have a bit of a thing for graphics and typography. Yes, I’m a bit of a geek – I’ll proudly admit that right now.

However, I did refrain from posting this until my draft was done, right on my self-imposed deadline of 31st January. Now I have 92,000 words of women’s fiction, ready to craft into shape, and another 13,000 words of oprhaned scenes and dialogue, ideas I’m yet to use, and notes on themes and plot strings that I need to remember as I work my way through the edits.

The blog won’t be just about my writing, firstly because that’s not interesting enough to sustain a whole blog (not yet anyway), and second because I like to blab about other things that are going on. I won’t talk about specific things I’m doing in my personal life, but I will express my opinions on happenings in my world (and the wider world). Beneath my shy exterior, I can be very opinionated ;-)

If anything good ever does happen with my book, I’ll engage in shameless self-promotion. You have been warned if that miracle ever comes to pass.

It’s not easy for me to put myself out there with my real name like this. For one, I’m the very definition of an introvert. Social interaction wears me out, and I’m very private. Anything I’ve done online before has never had my real name attached to it (except for LinkedIn). Also, there’s only so many Charlotte Sannazzaros in the world (in fact, I’m yet to come across another one). So I have to be very careful that I don’t reveal too much about what I’m doing, just to be safe.

If you want to know more about me, read the About Charlotte page. If you want to get an insight into my psyche 4-5 years ago, you can look at my old blog.

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