Gloved Heart

Gloved Heart, the second book in the Hearts of Amberley series is out now!

"A different take on historical romance, both fresh and full of heart, this one is a true reading treasure chest gem!"
"Gloved Heart had me hooked by the first few pages. This lovely romance set in regency times is perfect for fans of this genre. I adored this story."
"This is a beautiful, romantic & charming novel. 5 stars"
"A gorgeous, sweet Regency Romance I absolutely adored!"
"This is an adorable, heartwarming regency romance that will truly make you smile. I absolutely loved this book."

Gloved Heart is a finalist in the 2019 Best First Kiss Award! (Romance Writers of NZ) 

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Gloved Heart

by Charlotte Brentwood

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Publication date: 20 April 2019 (eBook)
3 May 2019 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-473-47348-8 (Kindle Edition)
978-0-47347-3464 (Paperback)

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What's It About?
Can she ever trust again?

Amy Miller is struggling to come to terms with her new life as a mother, while being a reluctant guest in a rigid gentry household. A victim of abuse, she is determined to never trust a man again.

Henry Russell has loved Amy for as long as he can remember, but his family want nothing to do with her. A chance encounter with Amy rekindles a friendship which might save both of them.

The discovery of a secret which holds the key to Amy’s past will change them forever, and jeopardise any chance they have for happiness. Can Henry show Amy that true love will give her everything she could ever need?

Note, although this is a 'sweet' read, there is some subject matter that may offend sensitive readers, including the mention of a rape, and mild violence and coarse language.


    Amy was glad of the ride back to Briarwood. She was so weary she thought her legs might give way. Her emotions were close to the surface, threatening to brim over. Henry had touched on more than one nerve with his innocent line of questioning just now. He was right to wonder why a respectable couple such as the Fortescues, who she had hardly said a word to in her life, would stoop so low as to house an unwed mother when no one else wanted her. She had asked herself that question many times; it was reasonable for him to wonder too.
    She wanted to believe his assertions that they wanted to make her more like them so she would belong. But she couldn’t bring herself to foster such a happy illusion; she was no more an innocent young girl who would see the best in people first. She knew most people were hiding something, and their actions were not always a good indicator of their motivations or intentions. In fact, sometimes they acted to deliberately deceive. She couldn’t believe the Fortescues would intentionally hurt her, as there was undeniably an altruistic motive for most of their actions. But their efforts to re-make her in the image of a lady were an affront to her very identity.
    “Miss Miller?”
    Amy turned to see Henry waiting for her on the cart. She laughed at him. “Come now, Henry, don’t address me as if you were my chauffeur. It’s only Amy, and it always has been.”
She stepped towards the box and he automatically offered his hand to help her up. She stared at it, dismayed.
    It was perfectly natural for him to help her up into her seat, but despite her recent familiarity with him, she still could not stand to let their hands touch. She tried to fight the irrational terror which overtook her. Nothing bad would happen, it would be over in a matter of seconds and Henry was not going to abuse the situation, was he? But she could not bring herself to put her hands in his.
    “I’m sorry,” she said.
    He shook his head as if to dismiss her apology. “It’s nothing, just put your foot here, and hold on here, and you can pull yourself up.”
    She nodded, did as he instructed, and managed to hoist herself up onto the seat.
    Henry took up the reins. “Are you comfortable?”
    She met his eyes and nodded again, startled by how close his face was to hers. “Thank you.” Her voice came out as a squeak and she immediately felt herself colouring. She focussed on the lane ahead as Henry brought the cart around and steered the mare down towards the road.
    He sat as far as he could to the right of her while still maintaining control of the cart, but the seat was not very wide, so their thighs were still only inches apart. She could see his muscles flexing within his buckskin trousers. Suddenly she was unbearably warm.
    Comfortable? Perhaps too comfortable.
    She could not resist taking sly glances at him as they bounced along towards her home. The freckles across his nose had multiplied, giving him a boyish charm. His shock of fiery hair was tossed about in unruly waves like a turbulent sea. He caught her looking at him, and threw her a bashful smile, which she couldn’t help returning before forcing her eyes to her lap. She caught a whiff of his scent; he smelled of the grasses and earth and a rich, masculine aroma.
    The motion of his hands guiding the reins caught her attention as they rounded a corner, and she took in his strong, toned forearms. He’d rolled his shirt up above his elbows, and even beneath all that fabric his upper arms bulged. His chest strained against his waistcoat. He was a robust working man, of course he would be… strapping. It was just that she’d never had such leisure to observe all this before. Or perhaps she had just never taken notice, never appreciated him in his masculinity. She’d been a slip of a girl when she’d last spent any length of time with him, without any notions of forming attachments. Now, she was all too aware of him, and the nearness of him. She began to feel a little light-headed, and her heart seemed to be pulsing through her entire body.
    She hadn’t felt like this since… her breath quickened as a painful pang hit her heart. She’d rather not remember the last time.
    “Amy? Are you all right?”
    Henry was looking at her seriously as he guided the cart through the gates that led to Briarwood.
    She tried to slow her breathing, but the rising panic could not be quelled.
    The last time she had felt this way, it had nearly destroyed her. It had made her giddy, blind, defenceless. She’d been a gullible fool, and she had paid the price for her infatuation with her innocence.
    Fear closed over her heart in a vice-like grip, and she clutched the sides of the seat with white knuckles. She could not explain to him, could not summon any words lest she begin to cry.
    The cart came to a stop outside the house, and she leapt to the ground, nearly falling over.
    “Amy!” Henry cried, dismounting in a flash and coming around to her side. “What on earth is the matter?”
    She darted away from him, wishing she hadn’t let her fancies get the better of her, that she could go back to the simplicity of their recent friendship. Perhaps she still could if not tempted in such a way.
    “Goodbye, Henry,” she called as she began walking away from him. “Thank you.”
    Then she turned and took quick steps up to the front door, banging until she was granted admittance. Once inside, the house felt like a safe place for the first time. She was in no danger of being overcome by treacherous feelings here. She went to her room and closed the door, leaning back against it. She would have no reason to see Henry again, and it was just as well. She could not risk putting her heart in danger again.

Copyright 2019 by Charlotte Brentwood. This excerpt may not be reproduced without permission.

What Readers Are Saying

GLOVED HEART by Charlotte Brentwood is a different look at historical romance, one that strips away the pretenses of the privileged and highlights what true happiness really is, not one's station in life, but one’s perception of what a quality life is. Amy’s story will scrape you raw, even as you fall in love with her character and her inner strength, in spite of her plight.

As the story unfolded, I found that my opinion of her guardians changed drastically, but what really struck me about Charlotte Brentwood’s tale is the direction it took for Amy! Simply brilliant and actually more satisfying for me emotionally (and trust me, there is no way NOT to become invested in this tale), was the feeling of wrongs that could never be undone, but could be left in the past by the strength of love!

A different take on historical romance, both fresh and full of heart, this one is a true reading treasure chest gem! You will feel anger and heartache, then a sense of rightness for a character that feels very, very real.

Dianne from Tome Tender

Gloved Heart had me hooked by the first few pages. While reading you can often see moments when they should have had the courage to say things to each other but the politeness of the times gets in the way, but it makes for a brilliant love story. This lovely romance set in regency times is perfect for fans of this genre. I adored this story.
Chells and Books

I liked the two main characters and felt bad for Amy with all of the trauma she had experienced. I really enjoyed the scenes with her son and the sweet love she had for him. The hero of the story was nice, as well, and I couldn’t help but hope things would finally work out for the two of them. There were many interesting characters in this book and an enjoyable regency setting.
Britt Reads Fiction

The situation of Amy’s unmarried state and other sensitive matters are handled very delicately. I recommend this story for readers who like a sweet romance.
Susan Pruett for the Historical Novel Society

This kind of book is not normally on my to-read pile but something in this blurb attracted me and I was sold. Honestly, when the story is good, the genre is less important.
The author takes us back to 1803 but I have to say that the essence of the story can as well be a modern tale of love and trust.
I often think the characters in historical romance novels are very naive and a bit foolish. In this case the author has created very loveable ones that made the book very real.
I enjoyed reading it a lot. 5 stars.
Els from B for Book Review

When Charlotte contacted me about reviewing Gloved Heart, I was excited to both read (and “meet!”) a new author and explore a new series. Gloved Heart is the second book in the Hearts of Amberley series, but reads quite well as a standalone novel.
Early on, I was drawn into Amy’s story—I wanted nothing more than to protect both her and Benjamin from any and all harm. And, of course, Henry Russell re-enters her life to do just that.
My heart broke for Amy and Henry as the story progressed—they could be so happy together, clearly, but Amy’s tragic past haunts her and cautions her against becoming close to another man. By extension, the mark it’s left on Amy haunts Henry in its own way. While he certainly can’t begin to imagine the depths of what she’s gone through, his love for her deepens his empathy—it pains him to consider just how much hurt she’s had to contend with, as well as how it’s now affecting him through their relationship.
The sub-plot involving Amy’s birth mother was almost as enticing as the primary story of Gloved Heart. As she interacted with the Fortescues, I longed for Amy to find balance in the household and regain some semblance of the familial happiness she’d lost long before we, as readers, came to Amberley.
As a whole, I truly enjoyed this book, and its sweet, touching moments (of which there are many) easily outshone the darkness of Amy’s past as it leaks into her current situation. Just as Amy strives to uncover happiness despite it all, the reader is able to cherish sweet moments—between Amy and Henry, Amy and Benjamin, Henry and his sister, and even Amy and her guardians—to find a truly lovely novel.
Juliette Sebock - Pencils & Pages

The genre of historical fiction (Regency in this case) often has an element of romance in it. How much of romance differ from author to author. Personally, I like when the story has a streak of 'realistic' life rather than too much romance. Charlotte Brentwood manages this balance perfectly in her novels. Although we usually know which two characters will end up in the end, Charlotte keeps us guessing to the very end.
There are no straight lines in this novel, and the story takes off in unexpected directions. Charlotte has recently become a mother, and that is maybe why a baby has a big part in her latest novel. As historical fiction goes, the beginning is quite unusual and surprising.
The beginning takes you directly, and without further ado, to the heart of the story of Amy and her baby. How will they survive in England in the beginning of the 19th century? A baby born out of wedlock after a rape. It is a different approach to historical fiction and makes for interesting reading. Maybe because Charlotte is herself a mother now, the relationship between Amy and her son is very well characterised in the book. Is it possible for Amy to love her baby? Looking at him, will she forever remember that traumatic night? Can she put her past behind her and find love again?
Charlotte's prose is beautiful and so easy to read, like a river slowly flowing through the landscape. Gloved Heart with its secrets and mysteries, keeps you wondering until the very end.
In Charlotte's thank you note at the end of the novel, she reveals that she is busy on her next book, Barrington Meets His Match. Barrington is the man who imposed himself on Amy. I can't wait to see what Charlotte Brentwood will do with his story. I have learned that one can never be too sure where Charlotte will take her stories, and how they will end. Looking forward to her next story.
Lisa - The Content Reader

This is an adorable, heartwarming regency romance that will truly make you smile.
I absolutely loved this book. I do enjoy a romance but didn’t realise how deeply I’d fall in love with this! Because it’s written in the past, in a historical context everything is so much more gentlemanly than modern times; with parents having to pay a dowry, and having to accept and approve of the person their child would marry. This sounds crazy to us these days but it’s actually so romantic in a way!
Although I haven’t read the first book in the series, I didn’t feel like I needed to in order to understand the story or the characters (although I really want to read book 1 now!). Amy is only young and has had a horrible time, ending up with a baby and being looked down on by many people. Understandably she finds it hard to trust anyone, especially men and it’s heartwarming, and heartbreaking at the same time to watch her struggle and come to terms with her feelings.
I absolutely adore Henry. He is the sweetest, most adorable, gentlemanly, caring guy who just wants the best for the woman he has loved forever. Watching him holding back for her, but struggling inside will make you love him even more! There are some additional fantastic characters in this book – I particularly love Mrs Fortescue (although you may not to start with!) and getting to know her and understand her is so important.
Gloved Heart is such a lovely, charming and romantic novel. Although it does have its fair share of heartbreak (I cried on more than one occasion!), you will smile and feel warm inside when you read this. You can’t help but want the best for the characters and you will finish this wanting to know what comes next for these wonderful people!
If you love historical fiction, romance, regency romance or just want something to warm your heart then you should definitely check this out! I’ll most certainly be hunting down book 1, and keeping an eye out for the next in the series.
Chelle - Curled up with a good book (5/5 stars)

Gloved Heart by Charlotte Brentwood is not the typical regency romance. Neither of the love interests are swimming in money and both are trying to get away from something. Amy is trying to get away from her past and Henry is trying to move away from his family. But will they find peace with each other or are they too haunted to make it work?
I really enjoyed this story. Charlotte Brentwood characterized Amy perfectly. She obviously has quite a bit of psychological trauma from what happened to her and that is dealt with exceptionally well here. Amy doesn’t like to be touched by men but slowly, she begins to enjoy it but only from certain people (aka Henry!). But it’s not some magical change. She likes his attentions and him holding her for moments, but then she remembers what happened to her and needs to pull away to feel safe.
Amy could not have been written better and Henry’s care for her and understanding puts him on a pedestal that maybe only Mr. Darcy holds (at least in my eyes lol). He can never fully understand what she’s feeling, but he can listen and control his actions and he does so beautifully.
On to Mr. and Mrs. Fortescue. They have a HUGE secret they are keeping from Amy and I cannot spoil it because I literally whispered “holy shit” while I reading and I will not take that surprise away from a reader. Besides the secret, the Fortescues’ are lovely. They took in a woman they barely knew and cared for her and her child. You don’t see that everyday, especially not in this time period.
Mrs. Fortescue is probably my favorite character next to Amy. She is strong and not willing to take shit from most people. Her interactions with Amy and how their relationship develops were some of my favorite scenes to read.
It has plenty of light moments inside what could be a very dark story and I deeply appreciate that. If you’re looking for a regency romance that deals with some difficult issues, this is the book for you.
Sarah - Bookish Rantings

Gloved Heart reiterates the social and moral contradictions which were so prevalent in Regency England and the unfair restrictions which were placed on young women who had been the victims of sexual exploitation. I enjoyed getting to know Amy, she's a feisty and determined young woman and the author gives her a real sense of purpose and a likeable personality. Henry was a likeable leading man and his character grows in strength as the story progresses.
The author writes well, with a fine eye for detail and there's a lovely authentic feel to the historical setting. The burgeoning relationship between the two lead characters is done well and as their relationship develops there are some lovely moments between them.
Gloved Heart is now the second book in the Hearts of Amberley series but don't worry if you haven't read The Vagabond Vicar, which is the first book as it is easy to enjoy Gloved Heart as a standalone story.
Jaffa reads too

I enjoyed this light and easy read. A typical Regency Romance, with the plot a little predictable - but it wouldn't be with this particular genre if it were not, readers expect the expected!
I enjoyed the characters and soon became immersed in wanting to know what happened to them, how they coped with the problems that get thrust in their way and how it all ended. (No spoilers, but you know it will be 'happily'.)
Amy was an interesting, and very likeable, young lady who found herself in a situation that was not her fault, and I applaud the author for handling the morals of the 1800s with care, sympathy and understanding. Her period detail is authentic for the period detail and she has a talent for making her characters seem very real, believable people.
This is the second in a series but easily read as a stand alone.
© Mary Chapple - Discovering Diamonds

I enjoyed the story as it’s overall charming and heart-warming.
Henry is a nice fellow with a lot of patience and a big heart.
This book is all in all a nice, sweet love story set in the Regency era where people are trying to overcome some traumatic experiences.
The fact that the author succeeded in keeping it a rather light and clean read makes it worth reading / recommending and keeping your eyes open to other books written by her.
Stefanie - The Magic of Wor(l)ds

When I read the description of this book, having been asked by the author if I would like to read and review it, despite not reading a lot of Regency romances before the last couple of years, it sounded just the sort of thing I would enjoy, and I’m delighted to say that I was right! Although it is a Regency, it has a more gentle feel to it, being set in the countryside, rather than purely amongst the balls and mansions of the cities.
Henry Russell is an absolute delight to spend a couple of days in the company of, and his love for Amy sings from the pages. Though I appreciate Amy’s position, and her reason for being anxious, there were times I wanted to shout at her, and point out what a great person Henry was, but never mind. Despite being the second in this series from the author, it really doesn’t make a difference to the enjoyment of the book, and even though I now know elements of how the first book will end, due to the ensemble cast in Gloved Heart, I’m looking forward to adding it to the TBR pile to read in the future.
I would highly recommend it to readers of Regency romance, or anyone who likes a romance at the sweeter end of the scale. It’s beautifully written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
- Jennifer C Wilson @ Historical Fiction with Spirit