16 June 2012

Pun Intended

This year the population of geese at one of our local ponds has grown exponentially. Here is the pond in question:

There are now too many geese. They have run out of food, are making a huge mess, and and hold up traffic as their huge gaggle crosses the main road in and out of the suburb. The council has decided to move them to a local farm. You can watch the local news story about the problems with "the gang".

We discussed this as we drove past the pond this morning. My husband pondered the potential difficulty in rounding them up. "It will be a WILD GOOSE CHASE," he quipped.

That did make me giggle.


  1. Ha! Made me giggle too.

    My daughter has a small lake behind her house, and sometimes the geese start to over run the place in the spring. They are gone by summer except for a few.

    1. It's now winter here, and they're still around! Having said that, when we went past yesterday there was no sign of them, so perhaps the goose chase has commenced.

      Thanks for stopping by Loree!