03 April 2011

Are Your 'Fit to Fly'?

In case you missed it, I thought it might be fun to share the latest somewhat entertaining inflight safety video produced by Air New Zealand. They've got some American guy called Richard Simmons to make it like an 80s exercise video. Does anyone know who Richard is and why they might have chosen him?

Air NZ broke the mould with their 'Our Low Fares Have Nothing to Hide' themed video.

Yes, everyone's naked. Very clever, but the giggling and cheesiness got a bit much after a while.

Next, they felt the need to remind us that they sponsor the All Blacks.

And now, this latest offering. There's a lot of Kiwi "celebrities" and in-jokes, but it's still fairly funny if you don't understand those.

I'm not hugely brand loyal to Air NZ.They flaunt their monopoly on many routes, they are condescending if you need help or something went wrong (and have unneccessarily plumbed hundreds of dollars from us a few times), and those 'Rico' ads were just embarrassing. But I have to admit they're on the bleeding edge of innovation, I feel a surge of pride every time I see that Koru in a foreign land, and they do know how to make an interesting infight safety video.

P.S. Their April Fool's joke was to send an email out saying that they're now going to charge for flights based on weight (person + luggage). I actually think that's a jolly good idea.

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