06 February 2011

Movies Are Cool (Literally)

We've been living in a sauna in Auckland for the last few days. There's no escaping the heat and humidity, inside or outside, day or night. Except in shopping malls and movie theatres - the great air-conditioned refuges of suburbia. We were all shopped out after the New Year sales, so it was to the cinema. We don't actually see movies that often, mostly content to wait for cheap DVDs or see things on TV.

Yesterday we saw The King's Speech. I was blown away, of course. One of my favourite scenes was when Lionel was able to bribe Bertie with building the airplane model. As Bertie carefully applied the glue and held the wings together, you could see that even a king is still a boy at heart.

Today we opted for Tangled in 3D. I do love a fairytale. Yes it was cheesy and the plot impossible, but I loved every second of it. I thought Mandy Moore and Zachery Levi were fantastic (although I already loved them both). It was great to see a flawed Disney hero (and his redemption). I laughed, cried and broke out in warm fuzzies - a great success for any story in my book.

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