25 February 2011

It Never Rains But It Pours

It's been ten days since I lasted posted, and it's been an eventful week by all accounts.

Of course there was the Christchurch earthquake, the horror of which is still being revealed. Thankfully no-one I know was killed or seriously injured, but it is still very distressing.

That happened in the middle of my second day at a new job. Having been there a week now, I feel like I'm settling in and beginning to get used to my new horrific commute. Both the mental effort and physical exertion have rendered me comotose for most of the week.

Prior to that we were away for a long weekend, after an incredibly hectic last four days at my old job. The good news is we're actually away on holiday in Melbourne from next Thursday, so I'll have time to recover from everything (or rush around like a lunatic tourist). We're going to the Avalon airshow and driving The Great Ocean Road. So there'll be another quiet patch on the blog, but hopefully some great photos in a couple of weeks.

In the middle of all this, I've been despairing over the lack of any time to work on my WIP. I'm trying to plot the chronology of the story onto a calendar. Certain parts relate to things that actually happened, and I want to make sure that it seems realistic to those in the know. Also sometimes I'm a bit fuzzy when I mention when things are coming up in the future, or my characters need to think about specific dates, and the only way I can think to do this is with the calendar. In the odd snatched half hour this week I've been toiling away, stuck on a particular sequence where real-life happenings just aren't lining up the way I want them to for the story. Very frustrating. I hope to get it sorted this weekend, but I have a huge to-do list. Fingers crossed!


  1. HI Charlotte. Lovely blog.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy people-watching! (I love doing that for character ideas!)
    I thought your idea of getting things in the right chronological order on a calender was great.(Hope you don't mind if I pinch that idea!)
    Good luck with your WIP and I'm so pleased that you and your loved-ones are safe.
    Sending my prayers to all in Christchurch.
    Ange Barton

  2. Go ahead and pinch it Ange! Thanks for your kind words. Good luck with the submission process :-)

  3. Charlotte, glad you're settling in at the new job :)

    I use a calendar, too. I use iCal and create a new calendar for each novel. Even if specific dates are never mentioned, I need to know--it's one of my pet peeves when I read a novel (or a series) and realize that the timing is unrealistic or the author has made an error.

    And as for the WIP thing, well I don't think I'm going to have much time for mine in the next couple of months with J in this spica cast... I've been so sleep deprived that I can't even think about writing!