Heart of a Gentleman

Heart of a Gentleman, the third book in the Hearts of Amberley series is now available! It's a moving enemies-to-lovers story with a ‘sweet’ heat level but plenty of romance. Read it for free on Kindle Unlimited, purchase the ebook or the paperback (Amazon, Barnes & Noble).

What are readers saying?

"A deeply romantic and inspiring tale"

"An amazing story of love, pain, and redemption!"

"The author explores the feelings of her characters with depth and sensitivity. The story of heiress at risk of losing all is not unusual, but this story has unexpected twists that kept me interested to the end."

"It's very difficult to take a character readers despise in a previous book and turn them into someone you sympathise with and root for. This was very well done!"

"The characters were truly endearing and the story riveting"

"Enjoyed the first two books in this series, but absolutely loved the third!"

Here is the book description:

Can love conquer his past?

John Barrington is a man haunted by his past deeds. Following a life marked by tragedy and self-imposed isolation, he is quite sure he is unlovable. Now banished to an unknown village, he has no intention of forming ties. Except perhaps with his neighbour, the owner of the grand estate of Willowbridge. When he finally meets the man, he’s sure he’ll be able to enjoy more of the lifestyle he is used to.

Enter Lady Helena Davenport, the heiress of Willowbridge – as long as she fulfils certain conditions laid out in her father’s will. She is devoted to the people of Mulberry and serves them with unwavering enthusiasm. Her first impressions of John are far from ideal, and despite her attraction to him she points out his flaws and challenges him to act as an honourable gentleman ought.

At first John is offended by this dressing down, but then with Helena’s influence he begins to reform himself into the kind of man he always should have been. As trials beset Helena, and Willowbridge slips from her grasp, can John step up and become the hero she needs – both to save her estate and win her heart? And will he finally face up to what he has done, and sacrifice his future in order to make amends?

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Here is an excerpt from Heart of a Gentleman. It’s the first time our hero and heroine meet properly for the first time, although it is somewhat unconventional…


A butler opened the door and looked him up and down. “Yes?”
“Good morning. I am John Barrington, the owner of Mulberry Manor.”
The butler nodded, unmoved. At least he didn’t slam the door in John’s face.
“How might I assist you, sir?”
“I wish to enquire after the master of Willowbridge. Is he at home?”
The butler arched an eyebrow. “You are meaning Lord Berkley, the seventh earl?”
John’s heart beat a little faster. He nodded with excitement. “Yes, yes I am.”
The butler frowned. “I regret to inform you that his lordship perished two and a half years ago.”
John’s mouth dropped open. Whatever could the man be about? “Then I am meaning the eight earl, his heir – the current owner?”
“There is no such–”
“What is the matter, Andrews?” Helena Davenport appeared behind the butler, and John used the interruption to make his way inside the house.
“Salutations, my lady,” he said with a bow. This morning she’d tied a green scarf about her hair, which tumbled from the fabric in golden waves.
“Mr Barrington,” she said, with a little nod. “I’ll take care of this, thank you, Andrews.”
John swallowed his indignation at being referred to as “this”.
“As you wish, my lady. This gentleman, from the manor, wishes to enquire for the master of Willowbridge.”
Lady Davenport smiled at him askance. “Does he now?” She nodded at the butler, and he withdrew.
“Is the earl at home?” John asked her, trying to hide his impatience.
Her eyes flashed at him. He was baffled as to how he had caused offence.
She stepped closer and raised her chin. “I need to inform you, Mr Barrington, that I am mistress of Willowbridge. I inherited it from my father, and I own it in my own right.”
John stared at her. She, alone? A female heiress was certainly uncommon, but not impossible. He was, for once in his life, speechless.
“I have guests, sir, and I would rather not keep them waiting.” She looked over her shoulder, frowning. “You could join us, I suppose?”
It was the most noncommittal invitation he had ever received, but now that he was here there was no refusing. He watched her, caught off guard by the uncertain way she was chewing on her lip. She did not seem thrilled to be getting back to her guests. This was a different woman to the haughty young miss he’d encountered yesterday.